The most fun you can have on two wheels.

Flat Tire Lounge jersey's are now available for pre-order. New this are men's sleeveless and women's tanks!


Welcome to our new site!

After a good year of procrastination we've finally got our new site live! Drop us a line if you have any ideas of things we can add.

Daily Specials (3 - 6)

Mon - $4 Vodka Redbulls
Tue - $4 Captain & Cokes
Wed - $10 Bottles Wine
Thu - $7 Fat Tire Pitchers
Fri - $1 Draws
Sat & Sun until 1pm
$4 Hair of the Dawg Bloodies
$4 Mimosa
$6 Sangrias


Mon-Wed 1pm to 11pm
Thu 1pm to 12pm
Fri 12pm to 2am
Sat 10am to 2am
Sun 10am to 12am

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